Planning for Week 3

High Level Topic Summary

Readings for the week

Day Reading Reading Questions
Monday Chapter 5, Chapter 6, 6.1, 6.3 none
Tuesday -
Wednesday Chapter 7, 7.1 to 7.3.3 none
Friday Chapter 6, 6.2; Chapter 7 remainder 7.25, 7.26, 7.31

Projected Class and Homework

HW Day Out Day Due Contents
IC_1.2 Tuesday Wednesday Access Elements, Rows, Columns
HW_1.6 Wednesday Friday Access Combinations, Iteration
IC_1.3 Friday Monday Review Problem Set

Tuesday Problem Day

Pandas dataframe creation and fundamental access operations.


Goal of the week is to introduce data models in general, the tabular model in particular, and for that model, understand the structure, tidy data structural constraints, and realization and access operations using the pandas module.

Monday: Primarily a conceptual lecture covering data models and their purpose followed by tabular model and tidy data, with emphasis on understanding the variables and values in a data set. Conclude with constructing pandas data frames.

Tuesday: Problem day, building on pandas data frame construction and perhaps pandas tutorial, and getting to column projection and simple row selection.

Wednesday: More complex row and column and combinations. Procedural access through iteration.

Friday: Tabular formats and considerations, wrap any loose ends on chapter 7 coverage.