Planning for Week 1

High Level Topic Summary

Readings for the week

Day Reading Reading Questions
Monday Preface, All of Chapter 1
Tuesday -
Wednesday Chapter 2, section 1: paths and path facilities; section 2 high level operations; 2.3.1 on open/close/read/readline.
Friday Chapter 2 remainder (from 2.3.2); Chapter 3, sections 1 and 2 on list patterns and dictionary review. 2.54, 2.56, 2.65, 2.80, 3.4, 3.7, 3.35

Projected Homework

HW Day Out Day Due Contents
HW_0.1 Monday Wednesday Short two notebook set
HW_1.1 Tuesday Friday Python review plus simple file system from chapter 2
HW_1.2 Friday Monday More file system; list patterns and dictionaries

Tuesday Problem Day

Ensure computer setup and Git/GitHub setup to point of everyone being able to do git pull to get class resources. Problems are the ones required for Friday (HW_1.1) on Python review and simple file system open/close/reading of files by line.


Basic idea during class is an integration of lists and dictionaries as we look at facilities for interacting with the file system. Wednesday start with file/path hierarchy and programmatic access in os/os.path calls from tables 2.3 and table 2.4. Hands-on with opening and closing files and reading by line. Refresh accumulation pattern and possibly other patterns. On Friday, review and then get to multi-items per line, using lists and dictionaries and show more of the list patterns.

Goal of the week is review and setup for week2 on 2D representations of data and new topics of list comprehensions and lambda functions.

Wednesday Details

Prerequisite Concepts and References

DCS is Discovering Computer Science by Jessen Havill (i.e. your textbook from Intro CS).

For next week: